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Let me give you an estimate of how expansive thinking your brain can comprehend.

Think of Milky Way. Milky way is our galaxy, with Sun, the star (Milky Way has about 400 bn stars ) and planets revolving around it(Milky Way has about 100 bn planets), and planets have their (private cheerleaders!) , like the Moon to the Earth, orbiting them. There is also Asteroid belt. And Universe has many such galaxies.

Now,think of an atom. I could never express succinctly how small an atom is but this might help — An average human body has about 10^27 atoms. Or if an apple were to be made of the size of the earth, the regular apple would be the size of an atom.

Marveled? But about what? What you should be marveling about  is that your brain is capable of understanding this information. Not only understand, but visualize!

And this is just your conscious part(10% mind). Your brain has two more segments, sub-conscious(50-60%) and unconscious(30-40%). This was conceptualized by Sigmund  Freud. What you just did, processing the size of atom and Universe was the conscious mind in action. Your mind is so much more that just a processor to your surroundings . It is an undiscovered celebrity,it is a tool that can make you or break you.

The conscious mind is awareness personified. It has the ability to gauge the surroundings and operate in it. A developed conscious mind has imagination and focus. The sub conscious mind has short term memory, default programs and reactions to conscious’ imaginations. So if you imagine and focus negative situations, on how pain in ass your job is, you will get a pain in your ass, literally. Sub conscious mind cannot distinguish between real and imagined. All it does is follow commands received as brainwaves from the conscious segment. The unconscious mind, is similar to sub conscious, only you cannot choose what to remember. It holds every thing you have ever experienced, even the things you suppressed( irrational fears should make sense now). It is the main function to all the default programs of your sub conscious mind.

The route to change your reality lies from top to bottom of the Freud triangle. If you focus your conscious mind on what you want, on how you want to be, those instructions will be pipe lined to sub conscious, and with repeated acts, it will be pipe lined further to unconscious, causing what is called a paradigm shift, an alteration in the very basic belief system you have been living with, without any knowledge of it. Some of the techniques to re program your sub conscious mind include—Dreams,Decisions and Goal-Setting, Positive and Negative Thinking,Affirmations, Emotions, Creative Visualizations and Imaginations, ,Uplifting others.

I will try my best to logically explain how these might work to help you manifest your reality, but at one turn, rationality will lose the grip and you have to surrender to the unknown and believe that everything you want is out there.

Your reality is nothing but your vibrations crystallized. And your vibrations are nothing but your thoughts in physical realm.



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There is a concept in Quantum Physics that states nothing in this Universe is actually a true solid. Physical world around you is not physical. The chair you sitting on, is not solid. Creepy? The science behind can be argued as follows- Atoms, even in their most stable state are spinning and vibrating. And everything is made up of atoms. So like the very pride-decorated last line of any proof ever asked in any exam— “HENCE PROVED”. If you would like to enlighten your minds as to how come you are sitting on a non-solid chair, here are a few ideas-


So if reality is just a bunch of illusion created by energies and vibrations of atoms, why should you or should you not give a damn? Because that is the pathway to creating your reality. Einstein told us that we interpret time in liner fashion, that is, you cannot see a far away point if you see along one line. But time, in reality, doesn’t work that way, Everything that you want, already exists. Right this second the Big Bang – the moment of creation is occurring and, if you believe the universe will end that way – the Big Crunch is also happening and everything else in-between.Think of anything. Go wild, think of anything. Can it not exist? Maybe you already know where and how. It is just a matter of you not having it, not of the thing not existing.


” I don’t have money” (But you and money both exist, right?)

“I am not in a loving relationship” (Over 8m people on this planet, your soulmate OFC exists in this set)

“I do not have a job in that location” (You exist, people always want an extra hand  and location has not flooded by global warming yet hopefully)


Anything that you want already exists.  It is just about you not having it yet. So how do you get it? This is where the vibrations come into play. Like attracts Like and if you emit the frequency that bring you to the vibrations of your goals, you will get them. They will take the physical form. So it is all a matter of being at same frequency of your desires. The way to do so is to have a mood lift as a habit.

Meditate, Visualize, Affirm. Act like you have it.Give it attention

Do all. Do multiple times.

Follow your feelings. Feel good. Feel successful. Feel confident.

Whatever you want, you will get as soon as you come to a place of believing it. Obviously it easy to confirm that a chair is a chair if it is in front of you. Belief is faith in unseen.

So in a nutshell, the trick to manifesting is to really know what you want  and get yourself to the frequency of your desires.


So go get them all!


The Scorpion, The Eagle and The Phoenix

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~ Inspired by Dosse

The Scorpion- Shadow Side, slaved by emotions. The side of humans that is harsh,hard on yourself and hard on others. The need to control everything,vengeful. The kind one is when one is insecure, and not in touch with one’s tremendous potential. This is the stage where a person hides in the dark and lives to only fulfill desires that benefits him. Despicable. Evil. Acting from a place of weakness. Governed  by misinterpreted  emotions. It the state where the power is misdirected, the power innate by the virtue of being a human, the power fostered by one’s environment and impulses but deployed as a tool for satisfying frenzied fancies.

The Eagle-The Scorpion growing,guided by intelligence. This is akin to caterpillar breaking out of it’s cocoon to realize the world is beyond a shell. The shell was necessary to discover the latent powers, but needed to be broken to live up to it’s potential. The Eagle is the point of discovery, self-awareness. The in between. The side of you that has desires but not necessary selfish, the juncture of attaining great heights in academic or career spheres. There is still that hint of the Shadow side, but as the Eagle, it is receptive of the subtle dynamics of it’s power, knows how to be patient, trust the Universe, and act accordingly. There is an element of sting and possessiveness , but the general spirit is more relaxed and trusting, more in control.

The Phoenix- The Stable-ball,in harmony with high vibrations !!! This is the end result of progress, of evolving as human beings, of continuously striving to be better. The Phoenix is the symbol of breaking under one’s own weight and rising again. Not everyone can do this, it is the decision of not giving up and harnessing the energies of the downfalls to fly higher. In this period, one usually has “live and let live” attitude. There is a higher resonance with the frequency of Universe, a wider approach to life, a strive to be a healer. It is the enlightenment of using one’s power not to hurt someone, because hurting anyone is hurting yourself, but to forgive and focus. It composes of limitless passion,compassion, and determination, not only for one’s goals, but for those around.


So, where are you?

A Tranquil Tangle

Eloquent eyes, tantalizing touches

Clouds take shape of your imagination. Just like reality!

Life is a mirabilia of hellos and goodbyes

Your mistakes are like stars- ruptures for your Universe to escape and irradiate the skies

It works out when you know why you want what you want